Hi, I’m Suzanne Arjona…

author, explorer, intuitive life management coach and life path guide. Helping you unleash your adventurous spirit and live a life that brings you joy is my mission and what I’ve dedicated my life to for 20+ years.

I believe…

…that we are all created to live a life that is creative, fulfilling, challenging, and adventurous.  My mission is to help you find this life through Intuitive Living.

Intuitive Living is following your inner guidance to design and create a life you love, a life you wake up looking forward to each day.

Creating your life intuitively means taking steps toward the big life-changing goals as well as the smaller, every day activities that make your life enjoyable.   From pursuing new hobbies to changing careers, creating your best life means following your heart and discovering what makes your life uniquely yours.

Working with me as your coach means you are willing to:

  • break out of your current daily habits
  • get creative
  • get messy
  • get emotional
  • get real
  • and get moving!

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I’m looking forward to being your guide as you navigate through the challenges and opportunities waiting for you! Let’s connect.