It’s All About Me (you know it!)

It’s all about me.  Hmmm…a bit selfish don’t you think?  Actually, no, it’s not.  I’ve learned a lot over the years, and oh so much just recently.  What I choose to do with my life…it’s all about me.  Whom I choose to see…it’s all about me.  Where I choose to go…it’s all about me.  There is nobody outside of me who can give me anything I don’t already have inside myself, be it love, anger, or sadness.  There are plenty of folks who can mirror what’s inside of me, however…good and bad.  And it’s these folks I learn the most from (so thank you!)


My decisions are my own.  They don’t always conform to what others believe.  A good friend reminded me recently that what others think is not my concern (of course, those weren’t the exact words…I think it was something more like “screw them!”)  I am learning that I have to do what’s right for me.  If I can’t be me, who can I be?  A wonderful placard reads, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”.  I need that hung above my desk (and in my kitchen, and by my bathroom mirror…)


I spent many years of my life being someone else for everyone else.  Damn that sucked!  Rediscovering the wild, irreverent, seductive, smart, and absolutely fabulous me is what it’s all about these days.  I have no idea where this will take me…and that’s half the fun.  Will I be a success?  I already am.  As long as I’m being me I can’t help but be successful. 



As difficult, scary, and uncertain the future is right now, I’m now ready for it.  Bring it on!

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