Going Deep

Going deep inside yourself can be a scary proposition.  We’ve become used to the masks we wear…so used to them, in fact that we don’t even realize we are wearing them.  We muddle through life with the defenses up, the masks on, and the rose-colored glasses filtering everything for us.  What’s behind the mask?  What are we defending against?  And what would the world look like if we saw it clearly, for what it is?


We think we are defending against “them”.  You know, the ones who irritate us, offend us, and are out to do us (and the world) harm.  What if “they” were simply a reflection of you?  What if what you saw in others was really a reflection of a shadow of yourself?  Damn, I’d put on some rose-colored glasses too!  What we fear most in ourselves is what we can see most clearly in others.  Hmmm…how does that feel?  What if every time you judged someone else for something, you turned it around on yourself? 


We’ve just crossed the first of the three spring power days, Imbolc or Candlemas.  Spring is about renewal and rebirth.  It’s time to banish winter and its cold darkness.  Light candles and allow the flames to burn off the illusions and light the way.  When we see ourselves in the light, we can truly see ourselves.  Look at others as a mirror rather than a wall.  Scary?  Yeah.  But so worth it. When you come back to yourself (and realize that it really is all about you) you can move forward into all that you want your life to be.



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