Conscious New Year

So how will you welcome the New Year?  Will you roll out of bed and hope for the best?  Will you get up eager and energetic and waiting for the new and unexpected?

This year, I challenge you to step into the new year consciously.

When you host an event, you set the stage.  There is often a theme, whether it’s a birthday party (celebration) or a wake (mourning, or celebration depending on your culture).  Have you thought lately about your life’s theme?

Does each week start with dread at the coming Monday (gee, what a theme to set for the week).  Does each passing birthday come with denial of growing older and closer to death  (hmmm…how about wiser and better equipped?)

So, again, I challenge you to set the theme for your new year by setting your intention. 

 Is your theme this year good health?  Maybe getting up and doing stretching and exercise will set the stage for your year to come.

Is your theme personal or spiritual growth?  Maybe you’ll get up and spend the day reading a new book or in meditation or journaling.

Is your theme this year family?  Maybe you’ll greet each family member with a hug and an ‘I love you’ before setting out for a special day together.

Maybe you just want pure joy and enjoyment so you’ll wake up and have the best cup of coffee ever and drink it listening to your favorite music, savoring every last drop.

Whatever you want this year to bring, set the stage from the very beginning.  This is not about ‘resolutions’.  This is not about ‘shoulds’.  This is about consciously setting the stage for the new cycle that we celebrate with the turning of the calendar.

So, I challenge you, and if you’d like to share your conscious intention for 2009, please share your reply below.

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