Lighting the Path

The snow is so beautiful…when you’re sitting inside a warm house with a hot cup of tea and the rest of the family is still asleep.  That’s how I began my Winter Solstice today.  It was wonderful.  Not even a snow plow in sight (or earshot).  Though my day started that way, it didn’t continue.  Suddenly it’s evening.  It’s dark (oh, so early!) and I seemed to have gone through my day on autopilot.  Cleaning, writing, cooking, writing, vacuuming, and now writing again.  Hmmm…I’m doing a lot of writing, but that book I started back in 2001 still isn’t finished.  I guess it might help if all the writing I was doing was actually on the book!  Ah, well.  Another year almost gone.


I’m rambling now.  I had started to say that I went through most of my day on autopilot.  Come to think of it, despite all the “stuff” I accomplished, this year seems to have passed on autopilot as well.  I found myself thinking frequently today about all the things I’d like to spend more time on next year.  And since some of my writing today was editing my upcoming e-course (on how we use our time, wouldn’t you know!) I thought I should probably go through the course again myself.


You see, the course begain about eight years ago when I was trying to figure out why I seemed to “do” so much but still wasn’t satisfied and still had so many wishes to fulfill in my life.  As I set out a plan to re-create my life, and then saw how my “plan” was working to help me make significant changes, I decided to teach it to others.  Thus was born Life Management 101.  It lit up a path in my life at a time when things seemed to be getting pretty dim.  After teaching it for about a year, it faded from my focus for about six years.  I re-formatted it and revived it briefly last year, but it again went by the wayside.  As this year began to wane and darkness approached again (literally and figuratively), I found that I was once again looking for the light.  Lo and behold, I realized that the light I needed was right at hand.  Once again, I pulled out Life Management 101 and began editing.  It’s got new fancy formatting now and is streamlined and updated for the times.  It’s now once again become my light out of the current darkness. 


So as we enter the time of new light once again on this Winter Solstice day, look within yourself to find what lights your path these days.  Ask yourself, “What will bring more light into my life in the coming year?”


Life Management 101: 25 Steps to Stress Free Living


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