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    Finding Balance, Finding Truth was my first book. Published in 2012, it is based on a tele-class I designed for my coaching clients teaching them how to regain control of their lives and do all the things they've always dreamed of doing.

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    - Suzanne Arjona

    Hi, I’m Suzanne

    I am a Life Management Coach, dedicated to helping you discover your personal path to a dynamic and fulfilling life.

    After receiving my Professional Coaching Certification from CoachTrainer Institute in 2001 and using my background in business and accounting, I worked primarily with small business owners, helping them find their hidden strengths that would enhance their personal and business lives.

    With over 20 years of coaching and writing about Life Management, I invite you to learn how to take control of your life. 

    The tools offered here will walk you through your own process via books, workshops, video courses or private coaching sessions.