Intuitive Living is listening to the inner voices and feelings that tell us what our perfect life looks and feels like, then taking action to create it.

It’s discovering your personal life balance formula to enjoy peace and flow in your daily life.

It’s uncovering the internal blocks that hold you back from moving forward on your goals.

It’s unleashing your adventurous spirit to take your life to the next level.

And it’s learning how the ordinary moments in each day are extraordinary.

1:1 Coaching

Guidance & Inspiration

Intuitive women know their path is theirs alone and will not fit into any pre-made template. They also know that life is dynamic and ever changing.

Allow me to be your guide as you walk this path of exploration and growth!  Together we will create the dynamic and fulfilling life you are meant to live.

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Our Community

Making Strides Together

Exponential growth occurs when a community comes together.

The LifeWalk with Suzanne is the free community where you’ll find articles, videos, courses and a variety of personal growth resources just for you.

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A Bit About Me…

 Certified Intuitive Life Management Coach

I’m Suzanne Arjona… author, explorer, intuitive life management coach and life path guide. Helping you unleash your adventurous spirit and living a life that brings you joy is my mission and what I’ve dedicated my life to for over 20 years.

Living a life of joy and fulfillment is different for each of us.  I bring a half century of experiences to the table to support you in your path.  After traveling around the United States for three years wandering and exploring, I settled into university studying Business and Accounting from 1993 -1996.  Certified as a professional life coach in 1999, coaching became my primary focus and lifelong career. I simultaneously began teaching Tai Chi and Qi Gong and became a Reiki Master/Teacher, both in 2007.  In 2008, I completed my Community Herbalist apprenticeship, shifting my practice from business to Holistic Health Coaching.  I have studied under numerous personal development gurus and energy medicine mentors.   My life is a never ending adventure of exploration!

These days, kayak fishing with my best guy and supporting our three cats take up much of my free time, though I still enjoy writing,  and working with Empaths and other sensitive souls as they discover their emerging intuitive gifts.